We are grateful for the guidance and mentorship from thought leaders and domain experts in our advisory board.

Meredith Ringel Morris

Meredith Ringel Morris is a Principal Scientist with Google Brain, conducting research on human-computer interaction and human-centered AI. Previously, she was the Director of People + AI Research for Google’s Responsible AI organization. Prior to joining Google Research, she was the Research Area Manager for Interaction, Accessibility, and Mixed Reality at Microsoft Research, where she also founded the Ability research group. Dr. Morris is also an Affiliate Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and in The Information School at the University of Washington. She is an ACM Fellow and a member of the ACM SIGCHI Academy. Dr. Morris earned her Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University and her Sc.B. in computer science at Brown University.

Kaiton Williams

Kaiton is a Silicon Valley engineer turned Human-Computer Interaction researcher. He oversees investments at Impact America Fund with a particular interest in the challenges of connecting community-oriented research and design with scalable technology production and investment. Previously, Kaiton held senior engineering and architecture roles at Microsoft for over a decade, where he helped build and manage early web applications for billions of users. He then went on to earn his Ph.D. in Information Science from Cornell University, where his ethnographic research focused on the experiences of tech entrepreneurs building products for and from communities outside of Silicon Valley’s “normal.”

Salmana Ahmed

Salmana is a Principal on Global Programmes team at Luminate, leading Luminate’s work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. She previously grew and supported the foundation’s Data & Digital Rights portfolio. Prior to joining Luminate, Salmana was a Senior Programme Manager at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation where she helped develop the strategy for the Ibrahim Forum and co-managed the production of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance and Forum reports. She previously served as a Consultant at the Open Data Institute, as an editorial assistant at Royal United Services Institute, and as Deputy Project Manager at the Centre for Religion and Geopolitics.


Yu-Ru Lin

Yu-Ru Lin an associate professor at School of Computing and InformationUniversity of Pittsburgh. She is interested in studying social and political networks, as well as computational and visualization methods for understanding network data. Her work has focused on large-scale community dynamics, high-dimensional (rich-context) social information summarization and representation. Yu-Ru leads the PITT Computational Social Dynamics Lab (PICSO LAB). Her most recent research and services interrogate structural inequalities and systematic oppression of marginalized groups in different social context.

Channarong Intahchomphoo

ชาญณรงค์ อินต๊ะชมภู

Channarong Intahchomphoo is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada. He teaches in the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence course, and studies the experiences and impact of technologies on marginalized and vulnerable groups such as indigenous youth in Canada and undocumented female migrant workers in Thailand.