Lost in Translation

Dyslexia is a neurodivergence that impacts one’s ability to process and produce textual information. While previous research has identified unique patterns in the writings of people with dyslexia – such as letter swapping and homophone confusion – that deviant themselves from the text typically used in the training and evaluation of common Natural Language ProcessingContinue reading “Lost in Translation”

Stuttering and Voice-activated AI: Panel Reflections

I recently attended the “Voice-Activated AI for Stuttered Speech Convergence Symposium” organized by Michigan State University, Friends, and West Michigan University. I was honored to speak at Sociotechnical Challenges in Voice-Activated AI Panel with a fantastic group of panelists and participants from academic, industry, and nonprofits. It was an incredible experience to join the technicalContinue reading “Stuttering and Voice-activated AI: Panel Reflections”

AI and Systematic Marginalization of Disabled People

I had the pleasure to be invited to speak to students from the Columbia Data for Social Good club at their monthly event on April 27, 2022. Under the theme of Equity for Marginalized Communities using Tech, I discussed the issues, challenges, and opportunities with AI for disabled people. Here is an outline of my talk (slides)Continue reading AI and Systematic Marginalization of Disabled People